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Relieves the itch of insect bites, sunburn, exzema - virtually any itch
Great for all skin types, leaving your skin silky smooth and moisturised
Available in four flavours
Beautiful fragrances (essential oils) that not only leave your skin feeling silky smooth but you will smell the fresh and clean
What Our Customers Say

Just wanted to comment that I brought some of your itch relief today at the Somerville Market for my daughter who was helping me (I was a stall holder) as she was bitten really badly and the bites flaired up in massive welts all over her arms and legs! I have to say within 5 mins of applying the cream the itching was gone and has remained gone ever since! As the mother of the a child with sensitive skin who gets bitten by everything - and nothing ever seems to stop the itching (and complaining) I am delighted to have found something that really works! I wanted to make a comment on your facebook page as I would recomment this product to everyone! Thank you so much! Jodie

• Jodie Baker The Peninsula